Willoughby – Driveway Veggie Patch

Fiona’s driveway veggie patch began its life early in 2018.

During a renovation the previous year, the old concrete driveway along
the side of her house had to be lifted to add to the soft surface
ratio. The builder used to joke that the area would make a great
grassed cricket pitch. Fiona had other ideas for the space,
visualising the space to finally have an area to grow food.

She employed a carpenter to work on the space and he built three
raised garden beds along the driveway.

In it’s first 18 months, the garden has grown many winter and summer
cropping veggies. Herbs and edible flowers also feature throughout the
garden. Many of these vegetables and flowers Fiona has grown from

The more she grows, the more space Fiona tries to find in the garden
so she can keep planting all this goodness.

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