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One weekend a year we open up gardens throughout Sydney for a self guided trail. You can visit our youtube channel for a sneak peek of what’s to come!

Join us for the physical trail to discover the edible gardens of backyard growers, large and small, across Sydney. 

Our aim is to encourage and inspire growing edible produce in street gardens, home gardens and public spaces across Sydney. This is a community not-for-profit event with profits going to participating and local school and community edible gardens. We respectfully acknowledge the Traditional Owners of all of the areas that we operate and thank them for sharing this beautiful land with us.

Support from the Industry

The Sydney Edible Garden Trail is a living breathing and ever-changing resource for gardeners of every skill level all around the country. It is literally a community encyclopaedia of tried, tested and current gardening techniques ideas and hacks. When it comes to practical up-to-date gardening references, where better to learn than in the gardens of those having a grow. From the moment I became involved I knew that it would grow a life of its own. As a seed growing into a sapling in 2020 the trails taproot is establishing itself and in 2021 virtual and real time tours will bring gardeners together to share their passion for growing. I’m excited.
Costa Georgiadis
Host of Gardening Australia
Edible gardening is a culture. You don’t learn culture, you catch it, you fall in love with it, and the best way to do that is to spend time immersed in places that make you light up, with people going in the direction you want to go in. The Edible Garden trail is shaping up to be a kaleidoscope of gardens, and filled with dreams. You will see wild gardens, fragrant ones, dappled and orderly ones. If the trail day is your lucky day, you’ll find a place that makes you say ‘ I was always meant to live in such a place!’ In the nursery of your mind, the memory of how your body felt in a certain nook, the images you saw will intermingle and coalecse. Bit by bit, year by year, you will reach out and grab the resources as they float by, because alluring visions want to be made real, want to exist through you in the world. There are some gardens I couldn’t keep away from when I was just starting out in the world. Now I’m grown up and revisit them, I say ‘This looks like I made it – The curves, the materials, the connections!’ The truth is, these beautiful productive gardens were the creators too, and what they created was me.
Growing our own food has provided us with our own “Utopia” directly in the middle of suburban Sydney. Our very own “good place” free from political and commercial corruption, as described by Sir Thomas More in 1516, is providing our children with an understanding of where food comes from, the hard work involved with growing diverse foods and the skills to be less reliant on commercialised agriculture. Above all, having an edible garden is showing our children how growing food can build community and bring people together over a common necessity for life. I love the following quote from Vandana Shiva (someone I admire greatly) – “The future (of food is) a garden of abundance rather than a green desert full of poisons”.
I’d love to see everyone grow their own food at home but often we don’t know how. What better way to learn than having a sticky beak at how others have done it at their place. The Edible Garden Trail is a great concept and terrific way to get insider tips, ideas and maybe even a few starter seeds or seedlings from locals already growing their own produce.
What a great idea this is! Heartening for me to see such imagination, real commitment to connecting people, food and places. To enliven our streets and roadsides and gardens and gardeners is to add other solutions, so many of which are unexpected. The surprises ahead to be triggered may include learning that we don’t need to be an expert, nor anything or anyone else other than who you may be; that your body, your mind can grow, enjoy and learn about food without experts, specialists or anyone to hold your hand. You and your body and mind are ‘good to go’. So, go to – there’s fun ahead for those who come by this Sydney Edible Garden Trail.
Learning to grow some of your own food is easy and fun and is rewarding in oh so many ways. Much has been written about the mental and physical health benefits to be had when people “get their hands in the dirt” and the taste and texture of food grown in your garden is often so much better than produce you’d find on a supermarket shelf. Events like the Sydney Edible Garden Trail which provides a forum for people to meet, whether in person or virtually, to share ideas and experience and promotes the bonding of a community of like-minded people so we’re incredibly proud to support and promote the event again. The events of 2020 have shown the importance of food security and the fragility of the supply chain in some cases so the ability to build some level of self sufficiency in your food supply is to be encouraged. Whether you’re an experienced grower of food of just getting started, the SEGT offers so many interesting and insightful workshops and learning experiences so please help support the event, tell your friends about it and we look forward to seeing you there.
bob from waterups
Bob Stevenson
Waterups Director

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