Asquith – Jessica’s Permaculture Garden (virtual only)

My partner Phil and I have lived here for five years. When we moved in it was grass and agapanthus and not much more. Slowly I’m turning it into an edible garden with the aim to not have to rely on bought fruit & veggies that have umpteen food miles.

We have three cheeky free ranging chooks who help with eggs and entertainment. Their names are Pru (Prudence if she’s in trouble), Esme, and Baby (the boss). I am currently turning some of the garden beds (the ones in the gabion wall) into wicking beds so that they can survive our long, hot summers. We have a water tank up the top/back of the property that we fill using water from a tank under the house. The pump is run by solar power. That way we can use gravity to water the garden using drip lines.I have a garden along one boundary that is mandala-style, but long instead of a circle. I use its edges to let plants grow over its side. It is made of sandstone and small insects and lizards live in it. They help keep the garden alive with biodiversity. I have a succulent garden on the roof of the chook shed because chooks suffer greatly from the heat. It keeps the tin roof from getting too hot during those hot summer days.