Balgowlah – Cate’s Garden

We are making intensive use of a small site and our garden spreads around the front and back of a semi-detached house. 

Most of the plants are edible, intended to attract beneficial insects or to provide shade and privacy. Due to shallow rocky soil and pre-existing areas of concrete, the garden is mostly comprised of raised beds, wicking beds or trees grown in large movable pots.  We also have two large vertical garden systems for growing strawberries and herbs. We have designed for water efficiency and have 2 water tanks. 

Most of our kitchen waste is processed through 3 stacks of worm farms, providing soil enricher and liquid fertiliser.  We raise most of our own plants from seed or cuttings and regularly save seeds from our garden or the local Community Garden.

Parts of the garden can be accessed or viewed from a wheelchair.  It is a child-friendly garden – children are involved in planting and tending the garden so no toxic plants or known risks.  Close parental supervision advised as we live on a busy road and the front garden will be open to the street.  Parking nearby in carpark of Stocklands Balgowlah (opposite).