Carlingford – Cecilia’s Garden

Cecilia’s permaculture garden largely follows the laissez faire method with an ongoing search for crops that:

·       Satisfy household tastes or provide for swaps
·       Do NOT satisfy local wildlife
·       Support beneficial organisms

Cecilia enjoys sharing her knowledge and cuttings from her garden which features fruit trees, vines, a banana circle, annual veggies, herbs aplenty, swales and bunds, a small pond, a chook B & B, shade house, water tanks, social spaces, vegepod, raised beds, compost bins, native bees, wormery and freecycle, swapped and rescued items in ‘resource centres’ located around the garden.

A feature of the garden is the variety of flowers grown to attract beneficial insects year round and plants that have highly perfumed flowers and leaves for medicinal purposes and simply for the pleasure of the scent.

Ongoing projects and restructuring of the garden include the use of an old bathtub, wicking beds for increased productivity and the planting of more vines and trees. The search for unusual but productive plants is a perpetual challenge.

Virtual Trail

Ticket holders can view a virtual tour of this garden by clicking here.

Please note: after purchasing a ticket you will need to request access to the private Facebook group to see this video. The video will be available until 31 May 2020.

Physical Trail

Garden tours 10:30am and 2:30pm