Freemans Reach – Little Mini Farm

We are on an 800 sq metre block and have Indian runner ducks, Pekins, quail and a beehive. There are three veggie areas including large, raised beds and potted fruit trees for shade and to define areas. Elements of permaculture are evident in the garden including closed systems e.g. veggie waste eaten by the chickens,[…]

North Richmond – The Family Paddock

The Family Paddock is our 14-acre patch of paradise which we are aiming to become largely self-sufficient using organic principles. We began our journey in October 2017. The land was very badly neglected for the previous 19 years so we have spent a lot of time weeding, especially lantana and privet. So far we have[…]

Windsor Downs – Calum & Doreen’s Garden

We love being self sufficient and grow our produce where we know what goes into it. We have hives for natural Honey, grow silver perch, fruit, veggies. We also grow exotic items such as pandanas, sawtooth coriander, wild betal leaves, wasabi, ginger, sugar cane, bush tucker. We use a mix of Aquaponic, wicking beds and[…]

Richmond – Hawkesburry EarthCare Centre (virtual only)

Our garden is the Hawkesbury EarthCare Centre, run by the volunteers of the Henry Doubleday Research Association of Australia. We have 5 acres of organics gardens and a multi-technique natural resource building. We are a small group but would love to invite people along for a tour and enjoy a cuppa.