Drummoyne – Genevieve’s Garden

We try to take a whole of ecosystem approach to managing the garden, using flowering plants to attract good bugs to the garden to manage bug infestations (like aphids and fruit fly which are still a work in progress), and building soil health through composting to manage plant health and avoid disease.  We also aim to limit effort and minimise water use through an automated drip watering system –  we’re busy people with a small baby so don’t have time to water the crops regularly.  We’ve also tried to balance plants with enough lawn space for family use.

We wanted to plant a vegetable patch when we first bought our house but unfortunately found that there was lead present in the soil.  So about a year ago we built up raised beds and trucked in a whole lot of fresh soil. Our garden features a mix of annual vegetables and flowering perennials applying a generally ‘biodynamic-lite’ mindset (i.e. not strict adherence to the theory).

The garden provides a nice supplement to our shopping, with successful harvest of a wide range of crops –  we haven’t had to buy a pumpkin in 6 months!
Open Saturday 9-4pm only. There will be talks about raised garden beds at 11:30am and 2:30pm

Pumpkins harvested from one vine
Sydney Edible Garden Trail - winter vegetables
Winter vegetables growing in Genevieve’s garden