Five Dock – Green Passion Garden

Green Passion Garden is a family affair. Our kids take great delight in watching seeds germinate, hand-pollinating flowers and harvesting ripe produce. Over the past four years we’ve learned so much about how food grows. (Have you seen a brussel sprout plant??) We’ve also tasted the difference when produce is freshly picked, straight from your very own yard (mmmm, sun-warmed mangos!). We are also slightly obsessed with making our own compost and improving our soil.

The garden consists of four veggie beds for crop rotation, perennial and habitat gardens, as well as a bit of bush tucker. It’s been designed with permaculture principles in mind, and we plant to encourage as many beneficial visitors as we can. We don’t use any pesticides and minimise our use of potable water. We aim to eat at least one meal out of our garden each week, and to always have either a salad or soup ready to harvest. 

You can see more of our produce on instagram.

Sydney Edible Garden Trail - backyard vegetable gardens
Sydney Edible Garden Trail - vegetables in a raised garden bed
Sydney Edible Garden Trail - cabbage