Galston – Annette and Scott’s garden

In February 2020 we built a vegetable garden in a previously unused area of our property, we designed it based upon the parterre principle of symmetry. My husband and I built all the retaining walls and beds, our son (8) mixed and poured all the concrete for the posts and we recycled old timber where we could. It was a wonderful project and so very satisfying as we learnt so much.

We now have a very productive vegetable garden with a mix of fruit trees, flowers and vegetables. The garden area is 12 m x 8. As the olive trees mature and the row of bay trees planted along one side mature the garden will become more discreet and be a great surprise to visitors.

We are so very pleased with the garden as it’s given us an unexpected new area to sit and enjoy the sunset. Our son has silky chickens and the coop is close by together with my potting shed which makes the most social part of our garden.