The Happy Hens Social Enterprise consists of Helen Kirkman Emma Paxton and Nicole Miranda hence H.E.N. Henley Green Community Garden is our 2nd community garden in the Gladesville/Hunters Hill area. We commenced building Henley Green Community Garden with the support of Hunters Hill Council in November 2018 and it has become very productive very quickly. Our aim is to be an all inclusive local space where we can grow edible plants educate create and bring the community together hence making Gladesville Hunters Hill Ryde and beyond an engaging and enjoyable place to live especially in our beautiful public open spaces. Please check out our story and any information on our website: The garden iis always open to the public so everyone is welcome at any time to wander around and see what has been achieved over the past 16 months and volunteers will be there Saturday 9-11am to chat to visitors and scattered throughout Sunday

Henley Green Community Garden
2A Crown Street
Henley NSW 2111