The garden is a work in progress! Following a PDC in Decmber 2018 I have been working towards the plan ever since. The block is about 1400m2 and has large rock outcrops in the back garden. I have sheet mulched the entire front lawn and replaced with a herb garden and fruit trees. A pergola covers the west side where grapes are just starting to cover the roof. Also have chillies turmeric lemon tree and comfrey down this side. Unfortunately the passionfruit which covered a large part of it has died;it will be replaced. Back garden has a herb garden small veggie bed banana circle worm farm home made greenhouse compost pond chickens and I’m starting to replace the lawn with food. We could possibly have water tanks by the time this event takes place. Most of my structures are made with left over building materials from the house renovation. I would plan to have my PDC design out on display so that people can see the vision and why things are where they are.

Mount Colah – Michael’s Garden
12 Flora Avenue
Mount Colah NSW 2079