Home-made bread

Interested in making your own bread at home? Whilst not something you are likely to be growing in your edible garden, many of our hosts enjoy the pleasure of making their own home-made breads. And why not? The smell and taste of a fresh loaf of bread is amazing. There are also so many different types of bread to make: flat breads, focaccia, sourdoughs, and many others including gluten free alternatives.

As part of our Virtual Trail event, Selena shared with us her lazy bead-maker’s recipe. A great place to start if you haven’t made bread before, or an easy alternative for those of you looking for a quick and simple way of making your bread. Click here to watch her video. Those of you looking to try something more advanced can click here to see Chris’ video on how to make a Sourdough loaf.

Please note: videos are available to ticket holders. After purchasing a ticket you will need to request access to the private Facebook group to see these videos.