Killarney Heights – Ping’s garden

Inspired by the books of “Animal Vegetable Miracle” by Barbara Kingsolver and “Introduction to Permaculture” by Bill Mollison, this progressive and young garden is all about learning the characteristics of the season, the weather, the land, the soil, the sun light, the insects and the pests, whilst trying to grow a diverse variety of edibles and bee loving plants.

The garden started as a concrete covered backyard, and through trials and errors, eight raised garden beds with climbing structures were installed on heavy clay soil over a six year period. Along with existing raised sandstone beds, the garden hosts a wide variety of herbs, edible and medicinal perennial and seasonal plants as well as seasonal flowering plants to attract bees.

With the aim to be self-sufficient from the land, this evolving no dig organic edible garden is a journey of discovery. 

Sydney Edible Garden Trail - Killarney Heights edible garden
Ping’s garden in Killarney Heights
Sydney Edible Garden Trail - pea pod
Pea pod growing in Ping’s edible garden
Sydney Edible Garden Trail - purple podded peas
Purple podded peas harvested from Ping’s garden

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