Terry Hills – Kimbriki’s Eco House and Garden

Located within Kimbriki Resource and Recycle Centre at Terrey Hills, the Eco House and Garden provides visitors with a peaceful and thriving greenspace in the heart of a working ‘tip’! The Eco House & Garden design is based on Permaculture Principles and the 4 R’s – Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Features of the garden include a strawbale composting toilet building, Hempcrete demonstration building, propagation nurseries, compost and worm Farming areas, Eco Shop and shaded seated areas.

The Eco Garden was established  in 1999 using State Government Funding that had been allocated to help educate residents on how to reduce the most polluting component of their personal waste stream – organic fraction, otherwise known as garden vegetation and food scraps.  The Eco Garden provides residents with a space to learn how to compost their organic household waste and use that compost to create home gardens and nurture their personal environment.

Following on from the popularity of the Eco Garden, Kimbriki’s Eco House was built entirely from recycled and repurposed materials was opened in 2011.  It operates as Kimbriki’s core educational centre running onsite school education programs and community workshops for more than 3000 children and adults each year.

Saturday 20 March 2021:  9am – 4pm

Kimbriki’s Eco house and Garden will be open to ticket holders on Saturday 20th March from 9am – 4pm and the Eco house and Garden team will be running tours and demonstrations at the times listed below:

11am – Guided Tour of Eco House & Garden (45 mins)

12pm – Worm Farming 101 Demonstration (30 mins)

1pm – Guided Tour of Eco House & Garden (45 mins)

2pm – Composting 101 Demonstration (30 mins)

3pm – Guided Tour of Eco House & Garden (45 mins)

Sunday 21 March 2021 7.30am – 4.30pm

The EcoGarden will be open to all ticket holders and the general public on Sunday 21st March to walk through and explore.  Please note the EcoHouse will not be open and we will not be running demonstrations or tours on the Sunday and our Eco House and Garden team will not be on-site.