The Green family – Virtual only

Our garden is a great example of how permaculture principles can be applied to obtain a yield in a short period.

2020 allowed us the time we needed to condense years of sustainable knowledge and put it into practice. This meant that our block, which hadn’t been gardened in 40 years, has now been transformed into a zoned space with:
– Chickens
– Bees
– Annual & perennial beds
– A food forest
– Vertical garden
– Pond with native fish & yabbies
– Wicking beds
– Composting and worm farming systems
– Garden storage
& more…

We utilise as much saved water as we can through rainwater tanks (both temporary & permanent), passive watering techniques like swales, wicking beds, ollas, feeding the soil & a DIY greywater system for the laundry/ bath.

A garden is never finished but we have certainly come a long way.

We hope you can join us at the beginning of our garden’s journey as we share our vision for a space that is full of purpose and food!

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