Lane Cove – Chris and Desilee’s Garden

Our Lane Cove Council Backyard Habitat member garden consists of many wonderful open spaces for entertaining our family, friends and neighbours, for our chickens to roam in and for our native and edible garden to thrive!

Our eco-friendly garden consists of these flourishing spaces:

  • The welcoming driveway with roses, climbing native roses, gerberas, gardenia, camellias, freesias, jonquils, tulips and a Waratah!
  • The level entertaining paved & grassed area surrounded by Australian natives, lavender, the DIY wicking garden bed, the succulent garden bed, orchids, yellow raspberry bramble and a winding hoya vine.
  • From the level entertaining area you walk down sandstone paved steps, through Ell’s gate to follow the hand-cut sandstone path to several vegetable gardens surrounded by a native bee-hive, the 5000L rain-water tank, the pond (with fish – no frogs yet!), the orchard (lime, lemon, apples, blueberry, magic tree and fig), 2 compost bins and red raspberry and blackberry brambles, and
  • The chicken run and hutch, housing our pure bred Plymouth rock and speckled Sussex chickens plus dust bath (literally!), hidden by a bank of tall lillly pillies.

A lot of our plants are home-propagated and we have also planted many different flowers and flowering bulbs throughout the garden beds.

We are very proud of our efforts with our garden and enjoy it so much that we have even set up its own Instagram account @the_lanecove_urbanfarmer. We encourage you to get onto Instagram and enjoy our garden with us.

Virtual Trail

Ticket holders can view a virtual tour of this garden by clicking here.

Please note: after purchasing a ticket you will need to request access to the private Facebook group to see this video. The video will be available until 31 May 2020.

Physical Trail

NOTE: This garden is open 9-4pm Saturday only.

Sydney Edible Garden Trail - Lane Cove garden
Raised beds and fruit trees in the Lane Cove garden
Sydney Edible Garden Trail - Lane Cove garden
Raised garden beds and water tank at Lane Cove
Sydney Edible Garden Trail - Lane Cove garden
The entertaining area of this productive Lane Cove garden