Lane Cove West Public School Edible Garden

Surrounded by a leafy environment, Lane Cove West Public School school community are proud of our vegetable gardens, chicken coop, fruit trees, native bee hives, Indigenous peoples bush tucker garden and aquaponics fish pond.

The school acknowledges that education in and about the environment are important and even more critical is education for the environment in developing critically thinking and acting environmental citizens.

During Gardening Club, the students are engaged in cooking sessions where they collect the produce from the school gardens and eggs from the school chickens to prepare nutritious recipes.

Composting continues to be a part of the school environmental practice. Twice a week, students empty their scraps into the school compost bin. This waste is then broken down and then used by the school’s Garden Club to help fertilise the school gardens.

PLEASE NOTE: This Garden is open Saturday 9 – 4pm only

Lessons in the garden at Lane Cove West Public School
Tending to the vegetables
Newly planted raised vegetable beds in the Lane Cove West Public School edible garden
Sydney Edible Garden Trail - Lane Cove West Public School edible garden
Veggie gardens at the school