Middle Cove – Nita’s Garden

Nita started her edible garden three years ago and still considers herself as a novice gardener. She used to describe herself as a plant killer and wouldn’t venture beyond succulents. But since starting her first raised bed and completing an Introduction to Permaculture course in 2015, she’s gaining more confidence in the garden and has applied her learnings throughout her unique edible garden. In just a short period, she’s created a garden full of permaculture principles: wicking beds, raised beds, worm farms, composting bays, an upcycled garden shed, swales, banana circle, food forest, native bee hive and verge garden, complete with a Street Library.

Nita sees her garden as a way to help the environment and engage with the community. She collects used coffee grounds from her local coffee shop, takes home rotten fruits and expired milk from her workplace, collects vegetable peels from her extended family, and uses it all in her worm farm and compost system. She’s also known to go around the neighbourhood during council dump days to salvage items to be reused in the garden.

Nita’s garden will be open on both days and she’s planning to organise garden tours and a crop swap on one of the days. Stay tuned for details!