Middle Head Community Garden

The garden is located at the end of Middle Head Road. Visitors will need to go through the boom gate, turn left onto Governor’s Road and follow this round to the larger building on the right (Soldier’s Institute). The garden is in front to this fenced off building.

There was an original garden at Middle Head, outside the Soldier’s Institute which dates from 1891, when we took it over in 2010. It had 3 garden beds enclosed by a netted fence and gate. Two National Parks and Wildlife Services Rangers were instrumental in helping us take over and expand the garden.

Most of the current 14 garden beds are made from old wooden signs, so we call the beds by the names displayed on them. We are part of a National Park, and, whilst having the pleasure of gardening in such beautiful and serene surroundings, we have to deal with the attendant wildlife, rats, both native and feral, rabbits, bush turkeys, birds, possums and insects. Many solutions have been tried to lessen their effects with varying success. We have found that we can grow leeks, Moroccan mint, garlic, galangal, rosemary, artichokes, lemongrass, herbs, potatoes and lemon verbena and finger limes fairly trouble free.

We maintain some native beds, growing pig face and native grasses and trees as we are always mindful of not spreading anything into the National Park that shouldn’t be there.

Our three compost bins serve us well; we have two thriving hives for native bees. We keep records of our tasks on our working bees on Tuesday and Sundays and records of what is planted where. We often help walkers find the paths to the lookouts and showcase our garden. The Institute is becoming an education hub and a greenhouse for native plants will be built on a concrete platform in the garden.

Middle Head community garden will be open as part of the Sydney Edible Garden Trail on  Sunday 22 March 2020 from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm only.

Sydney Edible Garden Trail - Middle Head community garden
Some of the garden beds at the Middle Head community garden
Sydney Edible Garden Trail - Middle Head community garden
Broad beans growing in front of the Soldiers’ Institute at Middle Head