Mount Colah – Matthew & Katerina’s Garden

Matthew and Katerina began their Mount Colah garden, using permaculture principles, when they moved in at the end of 2017. In such a short time, they have already transformed their garden into a productive edible garden!

The front yard has been set up as habitat for native animals, intermingled with bush tucker plants.

The side of the house has been set aside as a kitchen herb garden.

And the backyard has been transformed from a lawn and ornamental garden into a productive space, with a mix of edible and medicinal plants, hot composting bays, banana circle, worm farm, chicken run, European bees in a bee-centric (Top Bar) hive as well as a native beehive that Matt created himself!

Matt and Katerina are passionate about managing their environmental footprints and have designed their garden to help manage their household waste and minimise what leaves the property.