North Narrabeen – Vanessa’s Small Kitchen Garden

4 years ago we dug up our front garden lawn to put in 3 raised vegetable and herb garden beds. I have grown a variety of vegetables, greens, herbs and garlic.

I have loved letting some plants go to seed, to attract native and honey bees, and to harvest the seeds for sharing /future use. Plus its great to cook with flowers such as leeks, rainbow chard and herbs. I am proud that my garden is organic, using a few gardening hacks and manual daily attention keep the bugs, slugs and weeds away.

Our beds are surrounded with river stones, which I believe keeps the possums away. We compost our fruit and vegetables, which approximately every 8 months will nourish our soil, which is hugely satisfying.

Currently growing, capsicum, chilies, tomatoes, spinach, radicchio, rocket, leeks, garlic, betel leaves, cucumber, tarragon, basil, sage, parsley, garlic chives, mint, lettuce & shiso leaves.