North Wahroonga – Creating Connections Street Garden

Creating Connections is a Water Smart Street Garden funded by the Ku-ring-gai Council Environmental Levy Grant, designed and implemented in collaboration with Michael Mobbs who will be in attendance during the weekend.

This garden is north facing and receives east, north and western sunlight. Existing lawn areas of 80 sqm have been converted into a native garden that will harvest and retain all rainwater through 40 lineal metres of buried socked ag pipes around the perimeter of the garden and sloping the land to direct the water into the garden. The lawn has been replaced with tube stock of fruit trees, Australian native grasses and shrubs.

Outcomes of this garden include significant rain water harvesting, cooler micro climate, diversified flora and fauna and connectedness in the neighbourhood. This is still work in progress, of course. We are expecting to get delivery of two sub pods where we hope to establish herbs and vegetables. We just planted a lemon tree and an orange tree which will be espaliered as they grow.

Sydney Edible Garden Trail - fruit trees
Newly planted fruit trees
Sydney Edible Garden Trail - ag pipe
Ag pipe being laid