North Willoughby – Chris’s Low Maintenance Garden

A first glance, Chris’s garden in Willoughby looks very conventional, with lawn, patio, trees and borders. But Chris is a bit lazy around the garden, so his interest in growing produce has led to the selection of food trees and shrubs which are productive whilst being low-effort.

Chris’s garden includes 4 citrus trees, a macadamia, honey bees and perennial or self-propagating plants including lima bean, pigeon pea, Malabar spinach, herbs, passion fruit, ginger, turmeric and more. There are a few veggies too – Chris likes peas, broad beans, tomatoes and has a wicking bed for leafy vegetables.

Virtual Trail

Ticket holders can view a virtual tour of this garden by clicking here.

Please note: after purchasing a ticket you will need to request access to the private Facebook group to see this video. The video will be available until 31 May 2020.

Physical Trail

Chris’s Low Maintenance Garden will be open as part of the Sydney Edible Garden Trail on Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm only.


10:00 am on both Saturday and Sunday: there will be a short beekeeping talk and honey extraction demonstration.

Chris will have limited stocks of honey for sale. There will be containers provided by Chris or people can bring their own. The honey will be $15.00/KG.

lima beans