St Ives – Dave’s Garden

We have been working to make our home and garden sustainable since we moved in 6 years ago.

We have 33,500L of tank capacity dedicated to irrigation, with hundreds of metres of irrigation lines.

There are three large netted garden beds, an orchard, backyard chickens in a fenced run and a compost system. We’ve been steadily bush regenerating the large bush block, and replacing weeds with native species. We have a council-supplied native bee hive, and have started work on a frog pond.

For those keen on seeing energy assets, there is 9kW of solar panels, a home battery, and a hot water heat pump. Along with the hugely improved thermal shell of the home, we are carbon positive.

See you then!

Sydney Edible Garden Trail - raised beds
Raised garden beds
Sydney Edible Garden Trail - bananas
Sydney Edible Garden Trail - water tanks
Water tanks in Dave’s garden