St Ives – Up on the Rooftop Garden (virtual only)

High up in a block of units, exposed to the harsh sun is a marvellous example of what can be grown by a determined, passionate and knowledgeable gardener on a balcony.

It is jam-packed with edible plants and trees, native bees, compost tumblers and has examples of plant stacking and water-wise design. Wendy’s urban growing space is “Up on the Rooftop”; the journey has been as much about experimentation and failure as it has been success and garden-to-table eating.

In her first year Wendy produced over 70kg of organically grown vegetables. In October 2020 her garden was featured in Episode 32 of ABC Gardening Australia. You can take the opportunity of seeing this garden in a live broadcast for the Virtual Sydney Edible Garden Trail.