April 20, 2020


Here’s what participants have said about the 2020 Virtual Sydney Edible Garden Trail…

“FABULOUS experience to be able to see these people and their gardens online today – so one of the good aspects of modern tech media!”

Barbara via Facebook

“Thank you to all involved. I have learnt so much and have started using what I have learnt in my own garden. It feels so much more achievable when the gardens shown are local Sydney gardens grown by everyday people. Thank you to all the volunteers for your enthusiasm and commitment. It has helped by self isolation be a more rewarding experience.”

Gina via Facebook

“Well done! I love that I can now share in your event from the edge of the Ottways, near Colac in western Victoria. Am now trying to decide where to put a couple of wicking beds.”

Jan via email

“Thank you to the amazing people behind this awesome virtual edible garden tour! I live in Mudgee and the trip to Sydney in these uncertain times seemed not a good idea. But thanks to you amazing folks I get to sit in my garden and enjoy and learn more than I ever imagined. That list of garden projects has gotten a lot longer today.”

Evelyn via Facebook

“Thanks for making this virtual. Watching from Newcastle.”

Bronwyn via email

“I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone involved in putting this together. This year was going to be my first garden trail and it’s something I’ve really been looking forward too. As someone starting from scratch in their first garden, the videos have been awesome and I’ve gained so much inspiration already!”

Clare via Facebook

“Brilliant..well done all, thank you for your passion and purpose..loving the virtual tours.”

Rowena via Facebook

“I am incredibly grateful to you for making this event happen in exactly the way that it has!”

Julia via Facebook

“Who would think the corona virus would change the course of this event in such a positive way… the credit goes to your guys and all the people who shared your knowledge, thank you!”

Ping via Facebook

“I have loved watching from Adelaide. Been best $6 I ever spent. Thank you so much for sharing your gardens.”

Tahlia via Facebook

“I think that’s probably the best thing to come out of this crisis! People growing their own veg, baking their own bread and hopefully connecting to other gardeners (virtually at this time)!!!”

Evelyn via Facebook

“Thanks for what have been great live feeds and an awesome resource to keep returning to. I love the explanations, the tips and the interesting and amusing back stories – thanks to everyone involved for your inspiring work.”

Janelle via Facebook

“Thanks so much for doing it online! I’ve been able to virtually attend from WA! Love seeing everyone’s gardens & learning their tips.”

Rose via Facebook

“The Sydney Edible Gardens Trail team have done a most amazing job!!! Honestly it has been one of my highlights of this crisis and I’m forever grateful!!!”

Evelyn via Facebook

“Thanks so much for extending the access period. I’m loving having access from Canberra but was wondering how I’d have time to watch and digest all the wonderful material that’s been posted!”

Leisa via Facebook

“Thanks to all the volunteers. I am a beginner and I’m learning so much. I’m finding it satisfying and enjoyable”

Anna via Facebook

“Thanks Bridget, Laurie, Nita, Margaret and Costa for a fabulous two weeks of viewing all amazing videos. Thanks also go to Cecilia, Luke , Selina and all those who opened their gardens and the volunteers behind the scenes. A huge thank you to all involved.”

Sandra via Facebook

“Thank you so much…fantastic to be able to access from Far North Queensland”

Linda via Facebook

“I’m so glad access has been extended! Love going over the videos and picking up tips I might have missed first time around!”

Gay via Facebook

“Was a terrific idea and probably well worth considering each year for those who are not in Sydney to be a part of the journey! I loved being able to be a part of it after not being able to have physical visitors. Thank you for all your efforts.”

Wendy via Facebook

“This has been such an amazing & timely trail. Slowly working my way through in between everything. I’ve learnt so much from my local community, can’t wait to put more into practice and extend our small patch. You are all inspirational & so grateful for the mammoth effort that had been put into this. One of my ‘escape’ places during all this. Stay safe!”

Michelle via Facebook

“Yes!!!! Thank you, having two young kiddies, I don’t get much time to watch the videos. So the extension is great news. 🤗 I’ve been loving what I have been watching so far. So educational and inspiring. Thank you team! What a great job”

Susie via Facebook

“Wow. Great to see what you can do in a tiny space in 6 weeks! Great stuff. Congratulations!”

Mike via Facebook

Thanks for the tour Penny…. I really like your idea of using your sunny front yard. I have a north facing front yard too. Might have to see what I can do with it!

Brenda via Facebook

“This video was so informative. You inspired my husband and I to spend our isolation Saturday creating a no dig bed which I hope to turn into a pumpkin patch.”

Alison via Facebook

Thanks Fiona. Very clever idea putting the garden on the concrete driveway!

Stephanie via Facebook

“Thanks for the tour Wendy! I love how resourceful you’ve been in the space you have both on the horizontal and vertical plains! Well done!”

Kindred Gardens via Facebook

Thank you Matthew and Katrina for sharing… I have leant so much and also got much reinforcement with some my practices. You are legends!

Ping via Facebook

“Way to innovate, Sydney EDIBLE Garden Trail! Your novel idea turned into an absolutely groundbreaking opportunity for people around the world to see the ingenuity of Australian gardeners!”

Adina via Facebook

I love these garden hacks, I learned the best gardening tricks from other gardeners

Margaret via Facebook

“Fantastic inspiration for those renting Mike!!”

Gay via Facebook

Hi Bridget and Luke 🙂 Thanks for doing this video. Aquaponics is such an interesting concept.

Ulrick via Facebook

“Totally inspiring and informative to see your dream boat garden. I personally learn SO much better from hearing people like you talk about what you’re actually doing. Thanks for your generosity”

Jaymie via Facebook

Love being invited into people’s edible gardens. Fascinating how people adjust their spaces to grow food.

Sharon via Facebook

“Great tips and tricks, and heaps of community involvement. A lot to learn! Thank you.”

Mike via Facebook

Hello and congratulations on the garden trail. It was terrific and I look forward to more sharing of the love of growing and cultivating and eating. 😊 I’m very inspired and can’t wait to keep creating in my own garden

Viktorija via Facebook

“Thank you so much for all of your time & effort to make this happen! For the minimal cost & those of us choosing to social distance, this has been a huge inspiration & a massive return on investment for the advice & inspiration. Thank you all.”

Alicia via Facebook

I am absolutely loving this page! Because of the Corona virus I was able to ‘participate’ in the tour from my lounge room in Albury and it’s given me so much inspiration to get out in the garden!! Can we keep the homemade tours coming? It’s a great way to pass the time while #stayingathome!!!”

Kiri via Facebook