North Richmond – The Family Paddock (Saturday & Sunday, 10am – 3pm)

The Family Paddock is our 14-acre patch of paradise which we are aiming to become largely self-sufficient using organic principles.

We began our journey in October 2017. The land was very badly neglected for the previous 19 years so we have spent a lot of time weeding, especially lantana and privet. So far we have achieved the following: established an orchard (about 50 trees with irrigation); established a veggie garden with several raised garden beds and in ground begs for potato and sweet potato crops; compost piles; manure aging piles. We breed geese, chickens and guinea fowl and also run 5 sheep, a ram and a few heifers.

This year we will be focusing on completing the regeneration of our 1+ acre dam and introducing strip grazing for the larger animals. We also have one beehive so far. We have so many plans for our property and it would be good to share our journey with other gardeners.