Wahroonga – Helena’s Garden

We bought in 2012 and started planting Autumn 2013. First a few citrus trees and garden beds and chicken coop.

Our objective to grow some food, enjoy fresh eggs and develop the associated traditional skills within the family. Now we have over 40 fruit trees, 6 veggie beds, compost bins, water tank, worm farm, hensioners and up and coming egg layers, native bees, and are building up an understory of flowering perennials.

We have developed an appreciation for growing food, and a deep understanding that the real joy comes from the journey, not just the destination (as we do get an occasional wildlife tax).

We love our seasonal produce, we make kombucha and jams and the kids eat straight from the garden. And on top of all that our neighbours do chooks and veggies as do their neighbours (my sister) and their neighbours. We are grateful for our small community here.
Open from 10am to 3pm with garden tours at: 10am, 11am, 1pm, 2pm

Sydney Edible Garden Trail - raised vegetable beds
A variety of plants being grown in one of Helena’s edible garden beds
Sydney Edible Garden Trail - edible garden
Helena’s edible garden where the chickens roam
Sydney Edible Garden Trail - chickens
The chickens roam in Helena’s vegetable garden
Sydney Edible Garden Trail - climbing edibles
Sydney Edible Garden Trail - growing edible trees