Willoughby – The Market Garden Park (Saturday only, 10am to 2pm)

The market garden on this site was one of 6 gardens located between Eastern Valley Way and Alpha Road from 1880 to 1950.  The garden was originally farmed by a group of Chinese gardeners, who regularly carried vegetables in baskets around local streets to sell to residents. The garden continued until 1949 and was one of the last market gardens in Willoughby.

Three years ago as part of the redevelopment of the site, the area is once again turned into a productive edible garden, with a combination of annuals and perennials plants.

We have 4 large beds, part of some have already been gardened by a couple of locals so they retain these spaces. Otherwise it’s an all share community garden. We meet every Wednesday and first and third Saturdays

We have 6 compost bins, worm farm and some permanent plantings like paw paw, lavender, rosemary, thyme. Our aim is to teach residents how to garden organically and come together to enjoy each others company.

We make our own pest sprays – like aphid rhubarb spray and coffee spray for caterpillars which we hope to demonstrate during the trail.

There are 25 members and we grow a range of food from tomatoes , herbs and fruit trees . No experienced required and we are happy to help you grow the food you want to eat in a happy safe space using organic principles and the reduce, reuse recycle mantra guides our practices .

Please note that there is no power or toilet on site. The garden is both wheelchair accessible and child friendly.

There will be plants for sale during the open day.

Working together in the The Market Garden Park in Willoughby
Some of the harvest from the garden
Leafy greens growing in the Market Garden Park
Sydney Edible Garden Trail