Willoughby – Michelle’s Garden

We started organic gardening a few years ago in our barren ‘Victa mower only’ yard. We have slowly created our own wonderful garden that is as much a reflection of enthusiastic experimentation as thoughtful planting.

Our ethos is chemical free, low waste and insect friendly (spiders, native bees and butterflies all very welcome).  We have two compost bins (which we share with our local community through Share Waste), a worm farm and a fishpond, all of which help us bring organic nutrients back to our patch. “Low dig” is our veggie and herb bed philosophy, as we slowly and steadily aim to build up soil quality with organic matter, in the hope of bumper crops year after year.

We practice companion planting and basic principles of crop rotation in our seven raised beds. You won’t find many corners where a flower, vine or native haven’t found a home as we slowly fill any bare patches with beneficial and medicinal plants. We are big fans of seed collecting and propagation and enjoy seeing great plant friends arriving season after season, at low cost too!  This year tromboncinos are the stand-out producer!

Bush regeneration is also very dear to our hearts.  A few years ago we also started a Corridor Bushcare Group with Willoughby Council and our neighbours.  We will happily show you the amazing transformation from a weed infested jungle to emerging native bushland, all done without chemicals. This wonderland is just a few steps through our rear gate.

For those thinking about access, we have about 8 steps at our front gate and a sloping block. Parking is in Small Street or the top of Tulloh Street. We can’t wait to share our passion with you.