Lane Cove – Wendy & Alasdair’s streetside garden

Wendy and Alasdair’s streetside garden shows what can be done with a small space. Next to the footpath, Pepinos and Midyim-berries offer nibble-food for neighbourhood children. Also, in spring, Pineapple Sage flowers are a sweet treat (remember sucking a drop of nectar out of the honeysuckle flowers?)

In autumn, the ice-cream bean trees are covered with edible pods (named for the sweet pulp) and the blossoms are also relished by local ring-tail possums.

This front garden shows how trees can be used to provide shade on a hot footpath, and a grapevine and a peach tree screen the front of the house from the western sun.

So many mature trees make it a challenge to grow vegetables, with root competition. So pots (that can be moved around) provide growing space for leafy greens, strawberries and sweet potatoes.