The Sydney Edible Garden Trail, is a once a year urban edible garden trail run throughout Metropolitan Sydney, celebrating the many ways that Sydney residents are creating food security, building self-reliance, saving money and the environment, while enjoying the health benefits of homegrown fruit and veg. Our aim is to encourage and inspire growing edible produce in street gardens, home gardens and public spaces across Sydney.

This community event showcases sustainable practices such as mulching for water conservation, recycling and composting to increase soil fertility and reduce landfill, planting to encourage bees, home food production to increase food security, and organic growing techniques to reduce chemical use. Learn about aquaponics, worm farms, wicking beds, banana circles, caring for poultry, companion planting, crop swaps and more.

As a volunteer-run, community not-for-profit event we’re proud that profits go to building and improving school and community edible gardens. 


In early March 2019, Bridget Kennedy, visited the Blue Mountains Edible Garden Trail with a group from Permaculture Sydney North (PSN). Since the demise of the ABC Open Gardens scheme, Bridget had been toying with the idea of creating an annual fundraising opening Garden Trail promoting sustainable living and growing your own food. The inspirational visit to the mountains was all the impetus she needed. Within 24 hours, she’d contacted Susanne Rix, the founder of the Blue Mountains Edible Garden Trail (who was keen to offer her support) and her local permaculture group, who were also excited by the idea. The result, a formidable group of multi-talented women, with decades of combined sustainable gardening experience, who’ve come together to create the non-profit on the ground community-building Sydney Edible Garden Trail

bridget kennedy - co-founder and instigator

Bridget Kennedy

The Instigator and Co-founder

Bridget is a contemporary artist , member of Repair Cafe Sydney North and cofounder of The Sydney Library of Things. She is passionate about permaculture, creativity and their role in creating connected and sustainable communities. She's been working on her edible garden for the last 18 years. It continues to evolve, with an aquaponics system, wicking beds, chooks, a shared verge garden and more. As the driving force behind the Sydney Edible Garden Trail, Bridget continues to lead & inspire the team.

Nita Lo Sydney Edible Garden Trail

Nita Lo

Co-founder and SECRETARY

Nita used to describe herself as a plant killer and wouldn’t venture beyond succulents. Since completing her introduction to Permaculture course, she feels she is on the right track. Outside of edible gardening, you can find her running around at the Repair Cafe, learning more about permaculture, lifting weights and hanging out with her sausage dog Murphy.

Margaret Mossakowska


Margaret is a Sustainability Educator who shares her sustainable living skills and knowledge running Moss House workshops, designed to teach others to live in a more environmentally friendly way. This led to her involvement with the Permaculture and food bartering communities. Margaret also opens her extensive productive garden to the public.

Carol Skyring

VICE PRESIDENT and Grant Coordinator

Carol has spent a lifetime as an educator – a teacher, trainer and academic. She is an advocate of permaculture and from 2014 to 2020 lived as self-sufficiently and sustainably as possible in rural Queensland. She’s continued her passion for sustainability with studies in a Diploma of Sustainable Living and by giving her time to projects such as her local community garden, the Sydney Edible Garden Trail and as Co-Founder of The Sydney Library of Things.

Cecilia Sydney Edible Garden Trail

Cecilia Bird

Committee Member and Garden Host Wrangler

Cecilia likes nothing better than having a chat, making connections and exchanging information. Most of her activities involve the garden trail, permaculture, crop swapping and seed sharing with a focus on inspiring others. Apart from these interests Cecilia loves cycling and water sports, especially scuba diving and sailing. Creative activities include knitting, sewing and learning the ukulele.

Beth Greenup

Committee Member - Newsletter Editor

Beth is a keen amateur bumbling her way through the world of edible gardening. She’s learnt that nothing tastes as good as food you’ve grown yourself, loves being able to share her garden haul with family and friends and can’t wait for the day she figures out how to grow carrots that aren’t wonky. When she isn’t gardening, Beth loves running, hiking and occasionally indulging in trashy reality TV.

sydney edible garden trail full circle logo

Angela Bichler

Committee Member - Treasurer

Angela started off as one of our garden hosts. www.sydneyediblegardentrail.com/the-family-paddock-hawkesbury . She loves the idea of the trail and is now our trusted volunteer treasurer!

Xuan Sydney Edible Garden Trail social media

Xuan Deng

Committee Member - Social Media coordinator

Xuan is an enthusiastic amateur gardener who is passionate about local action and global change. She loves fresh eggs and wonky veggies. When she gets away from little ones, Xuan loves going to see art and theatre.



Beth – Mailchimp newsletter queen
Carol – Grant co-ordinator
Cecilia – Chief spreadsheet wrangler
Margaret – Website content tweaker
Matthew – Help with tech stuff that we can’t work out and treasurer
Mike – general helper and web stuff


Fiona – Mailchimp newsletter queen
Cecilia – Chief spreadsheet wrangler
Carol – PR and Marketing guru
Matthew – Help with tech stuff that we can’t work out


Cecilia and Fiona – Chief Garden Host Spreadsheet wranglers
Carol – Enthusiastic survey builder and admin helper
Laurie – One of our original cofounders and Crop Swap Sydney Founder