Lane Cove – Bridget and Luke’s Garden

Bridget and her partner, Luke, have spent the last 11 years slowly developing a sustainable permaculture garden at their home and on the verge for neighbours to share.

Relatively low maintenance, the garden combines a variety of perennial fruit and vegetables including a banana circle, a fejoia hedge, an edible verge, aquaponics system, chook pen, various citrus, fruit trees, herbs and other edibles, mixed with ornamentals.

In 2014,  the garden was opened to the public for the last year of the long running ABC Open Gardens Australia event. In 2018, the garden was awarded first prize in the Edible Garden category of the Lane Cove Council Garden competition.

Virtual Trail

Ticket holders can view a two-part virtual tour of this garden by clicking here for part 1 and here for part 2.

Please note: after purchasing a ticket you will need to request access to the private Facebook group to see this video. The video will be available until 31 May 2020.

Physical Trail

Please note: the backyard is not child safe as there are is a pond. Only the verge garden is pram and wheelchair accessible as there are steps and uneven surfaces.

Edible plants, seedlings and natural fibre baskets available for sale.

Nicole Robins handmade fibre basket

SATURDAY 21st March 10-1pm. Join Artist Nicole Robins for a free workshop making natural cordage from plants sourced in the garden. A number of Nicole’s hanging baskets, natural neckpieces, and wall works will be available for sale over the weekend. Follow Nicole on instagram @nicolerobins_

Raised Garden Beds (part of aquaponics system)
Verge Garden
Bridget with Raised beds
Back steps with wicking beds
Back steps with wicking beds
sacred lotus
Sacred Lotus – all parts are edible
back pond with taro, pickeral rush and watercress
back pond with taro, pickeral rush and watercress
purple corn
purple corn
Banana Circle
Banana Circle
wicking beds by Waterups
Wicking beds in the back yard