Learn to live more sustainably

For many of us, establishing an edible garden is one way we can help live a more sustainable lifestyle. If sustainability is something important to you, then you may be interested in the short, face-to-face Sustainable Living Course that’s regularly run by our platinum sponsor: Permaculture Sydney North.

It takes place over four, 3-hour workshops, run weekly on either a Saturday or Sunday. Each week you’ll visit a different edible garden and hear from the owner about their set up. You’ll be given a range of preparation and reflection tasks to complete beforehand and then have time in small groups to share and learn from one another. You’ll get to hear recommendations from one of our volunteers; complete a hands-on activity such as seeds saving; and go on a short garden tour where the host can share how they are applying sustainable practices.

During the course we cover three main themes: sustainability in the garden, at home, and with the neighbourhood. We begin with a course overview and an exploration of the Permaculture approach. In week two, we look at things you can do in the garden such as working with the sun and water flows. Week three is based on things in the home, how can you make your own cleaning products, preserve your produce, and reduce your consumption. In our final week we’ll explore how connecting with our community helps us to live more sustainably and groups we can get involved in such as crop swap, repair café, and opportunities to advocate for our environment.

Due to its design, it doesn’t matter if you’re just starting to think about how to be more sustainable or have been implementing sustainable practices for years. The course will give you a chance to identify what further steps you can take and share your learning with other likeminded people.

For further details check out https://www.permaculturenorth.org.au/ or contact education@permaculturenorth.org.au

Our next course will be taking place in May 2022. You can register for it here https://www.permaculturenorth.org.au/event-469781