Matraville – Christine’s garden (Saturday & Sunday, 11am – 2pm)

My husband and I have lived in Matraville for 20 years. We purchased our block with the sole intention of holistic sustainable living – this philosophy is predominate in our lives.

Matraville is basically on a sand dune so as we get older it is easy digging – the flip side is the ongoing challenge to build rich soil to support our veggies and fruit trees. Our home is on small block but it is amazing what can fit in it. In the backyard we have 4 veggie patches for all year round growing, fruit trees, 7 compost bins, chickens, bees (native and honey), frog ponds, grey water drip irrigation, water tanks.

In the front yard and verge we dedicate our gardening to predominately bee friendly natives with a seasonal mixture of flowering plants. It is also our contribution to our neighbourhood. We have some experience in inviting visitors to our garden having participated in Open Garden Scheme. Our garden has also won several awards and has been shown on TV.

We finished a major renovation on our home in 2017 to be energy efficient and complement our garden. We currently open our house/garden as part of Sustainable House Day.