Plants to try out in your garden

Are you thinking about what plants to add to your garden? Joining our Virtual trail is a great way to get inspired with plants that work well in Sydney. As well as seeing the different plants on the garden tours, we have uploaded some interesting workshops for you to watch.

You may want to start with this one all about the type of plants to put in during autumn. If you are looking for something long lasting, then check out this video on perennial edibles.  

What about something a little different? Well did you know you that there is a plant you can grow in Sydney which can be used to make homemade jelly (no gelatine required)? You can learn all about it and watch how to make it in this video.

Finally, whilst not edible for humans, comfrey is an essential plant for your edible garden. Find out why in this video.

Please note: Videos are available for ticket holders. After purchasing a ticket you will need to request access to the private Facebook group to see these videos.