Why volunteer?

Recently we asked one of our volunteers, why she’d put her hand up to help us out? Here’s what she said…

I was invited to join the team to provide some admin support at a time when my mobility was compromised so it was an excellent opportunity to become involved. My role has been small in the scheme of things but has enabled others to do more major tasks.

My tasks involved:

– entering garden host information on to a spreadsheet
– liaising with garden hosts to collect and provide relevant information
– liaising with the person who enters the gardens on the SEGT website
– some admin on the SEGT Host Facebook group
– commentary and suggestions
– spreading the word
– collecting donated fabric and making yellow bunting (a labour of love!)

Why did I agree to join the team?

I love:

– creating community
– sharing knowledge
– helping others
– growing food
– sharing and swapping home grown produce
– being part of something good!


visiting a permaculture garden