Win a subscription to PiP Magazine

Thanks to the generous support of Permaculture Sydney North (PSN), 5 lucky Ticket Holders will win a one year subscription to PiP Magazine. The winners will be announced after the Trail week-end.

The aim of Pip Magazine is to share ideas, information and inspiration about living more sustainably using permaculture principles. PiP articles encompass no-waste living, growing food, making compost, foraging, seed saving, preserving, fermenting, beekeeping, keeping chickens, green building, repair, DIY, crafting, recipes and much more.

Permaculture Sydney North is a non-profit group based in Sydney. Permaculture is a design system for creating sustainable human environments. The word itself is a contraction of the words permanent and agriculture and also permanent and culture. It is about designing households and communities that are productive, sustaining and largely self reliant and have minimal impact on the environment. Find a local PSN group near you.