North Richmond – The Family Paddock

The Family Paddock is our 14-acre patch of paradise which we are aiming to become largely self-sufficient using organic principles. We began our journey in October 2017. The land was very badly neglected for the previous 19 years so we have spent a lot of time weeding, especially lantana and privet. So far we have[…]

Willoughby – Michelle’s Garden

We started organic gardening a few years ago in our barren ‘Victa mower only’ yard. We have slowly created our own wonderful garden that is as much a reflection of enthusiastic experimentation as thoughtful planting. Our ethos is chemical free, low waste and insect friendly (spiders, native bees and butterflies all very welcome).  We have[…]

Galston – Annette and Scott’s garden

In February 2020 we built a vegetable garden in a previously unused area of our property, we designed it based upon the parterre principle of symmetry. My husband and I built all the retaining walls and beds, our son (8) mixed and poured all the concrete for the posts and we recycled old timber where[…]

Kenthurst – Kentridge Garden

Large garden on a 5 acre property 35 raised vegetable beds made from timber or steel, including several wicking beds Orchard containing 52 fruit trees Native bush tucker plants Water tanks with reticulated irrigation systems Native bee hive European honey bee hive 8Kw solar power Greenhouse and propagation area Large garden shed equipped with running[…]

St. Ives – Karen & David’s Garden

The vegetable garden includes numerous wicking beds and three large in-ground beds. Our chickens are rotated through these three beds to clean up pests and fertilise the soil; they have access to one bed each season. Numerous fruit trees, many dwarf in pots or espaliered along walls to save space. Strawberry wall garden and blueberry[…]